Confessions of the World’s Worst Marijuana Dispensary Customer

Confessions of the World’s Worst Marijuana Dispensary Customer
Oasis Dispensaries - Chandler, AZ

I was the most terrible, awful, ridiculous, dreadful, horrible, disturbing, atrocious Marijuana Dispensary customer in the world.

At Oasis Dispensary, we want to be the best. We want to be better than the rest, but, how do we know if we are the best? To discover the truth I had to go undercover.

I posed as a Medical Marijuana dispensary customer and visited the competing dispensaries in the Phoenix area. I didn’t need a disguise. They seem to let anyone inside with the Medical Marijuana card. I looked here, there and everywhere. I had thirteen grading criteria with a rating of one through ten for each criteria. I checked the parking, the greeting, the products, the music and the staff. You get the idea. I checked everything and entered the results into my excel spreadsheet.

Here’s the problem. I didn’t have unlimited funds to spend, but I wanted unlimited information. So I just kept asking question after question. You know the type. An idiot (it wasn’t that hard to pretend). I asked “How’s the flower?”, “How are the edibles?” How are the concentrates?” Oh really, I said, tell me more…. After about thirty minutes of questioning everything I usually bought the cheapest pre-roll.

I was the WORST Marijuana Dispensary Customer in the world, but I had the data. I learned from the best dispensaries what works. What is efficient, What is productive and what customers like so we could implement these nuances into Oasis Dispensary in Chandler.

Want to see the survey results? Come to Oasis Dispensary at 26427 S. Arizona Avenue Chandler, Arizona or give me a call anytime at the dispensary, dial 603 903-3665. Just ask for the world’s WORST Marijuana Dispensary customer.

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